Creating your own augmented content is easier than you may think with genARate – rapidly bringing print back to the forefront of your marketing mix. Intuitive and powerful, our development solution includes everything you need to create, publish, use and measure the effectiveness of your content.

No matter if you’re an agency, commercial printer, central reprographics department, or marketing department, you don’t need any previous experience or coding expertise. Simply drag and drop different content – buttons, links, videos and more – overlaying your printed images and build up layers of information that your audience can interact with. It’s as easy as that.

Step 1:

Upload your trigger image

Start by opening a web browser and logging into the genARate Studio. Upload your artwork in just a few mouse clicks – it’s clear, quick and easy using our intuitive interface. Choose an impactful hero image that’s worthy of kicking off the action.

Step 2:

Drag and drop your content

Add videos, images, text, weblinks or 3D objects using our drag-and-drop design. It couldn’t be simpler. No longer do you have to depend on your in-house IT resource to get your augmented communications – and campaigns – up and running.

Step 3:

Publish your AR experience

Once you’re happy with how everything’s shaping up, it’s time to get it out there. You can choose to allow users to scan and consume your content from their phone or tablet – and use our mobile app to scan the AR content, or alternatively brand the app with your own identity and details.

How to get started

Despite how intuitive genARate is to use, we’ve created a handy ‘how to guide’, which will help to provide a little more detail around the content creation process – and show you how to really benefit from Print. In Motion.

From uploading your first piece of content, to managing it and publishing it, we’ve explained everything you need to know. Plus, we’ve outlined how to use our simple reporting tool to analyse user engagement and the effectiveness of your augmented content once it’s deployed.

Download it, read it, file it and refer to it whenever you need.

Download the guide

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