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Ключови функции



Ключови функции

Не се ограничавайте само до красиви разпечатки - Време е да доставите по-голяма стойност и творчеството на клиентите си. JETVARNISH 3DS превръща вашите печатни материали в ефектни и неустоими разпечатки, които веднага ще получат пълното внимание на клиента. Можете лесно да поставяте частичен лак на всичките ви цифрови или офсет отпечатъци, подчертайте определени елементи или да добавите 3D ефекти, което ще направи вашите задания за печат по-ярки и осезателни.

С новата формула за лак в комбинация с печатащите глави на Konica Minolta можете да създадете 3D ефект върху ламинирани повърхности или на пряко тонер. Опцията за променливи данни добавя пълните възможности за персонализация за максимум един-към-един маркетингов ефект.

Дигиталния частичен UV лак ви позволява да лакирате само няколко листа от всяко едно задание за печат, така бързо и лесно може да произведете проби, които вашите клиенти ще могат да видят и докоснат.

Чрез JETVARNISH 3DS като напълно дигитално решение можете да приготвите всичко това когато е необходимо и спестите време и средства.

  • HIGH PRODUCTIVITY - With the single pass printing, the JETVARNISH 3DS is a UV spot varnish device, which offers high speed and high productivity. The customer can spot varnish up to 2298 A3 pages per hour
  • THE DIGITAL ADVANTAGE: The digitalization of the spot UV finishing allows you to take a few sheets from each job and spot UV coat it, so your customers can SEE and FEEL the effect that their jobs could have. With the JETVARNISH 3DS your customer can  3D spot UV varnish on digital prints directly. Take advantage of the specially designed varnish formula coupled with the ability to precisely vary the thickness of coating thickness on each sheet to give your digital prints an individual and special touch. The thickness of the varnish can be adapted to the needs of the customer very flexible and on demand. The MGI JETVARNISH 3DS is ideal for lucrative short- and medium printing.
  • UV Inkjet Technology: The smart combination of MGI’s exclusive inkjet technology with KONICA MINOLTAs Drop-on-Demand Piezoelectric print heads, brings you the quality you deserve, from the first page to the very last.  Konica Minoltas inkjet print heads enable lines as small as 0.5 mm or as wide as the sheet.
  • SOFTWARE SUITE INCLUDED - The JETVARNISH 3DS HubManager allows you to follow your jobs, manage your job queue, create job tickets, recall reprints and adjust your ARC camera system in one simple and self-explaining tool. A powerful function allows you to easily export all your detailed production data for internal costs for analysis and reports. The Spot Varnish Editor is designed for editing job files on-the-fly. That gives your customer the needed flexibility to adjust and modify his print jobs on the fly and safe pure time and money. The Product Cost Analyzer can anticipates production cost to the tenth of a cent and give your customer the precise information on consumable costs are per print job even before the job has been printed.
  • ON BOARD REGISTRATIION CAMERAS - The JETVARNISH 3DS is equipped with Automated Registration Camera (ARC) technology designed to calibrate (on-the-fly) coating registration from sheet to sheet. The first camera reads printed marks and automatically corrects for changes in X and Y portions of each sheet.  The second camera detects the paper skew and adjusted it on-the-fly. The ARC system ensures accurate spot UV coating, even on jobs with inconsistent print registration.
  • VARNISH ON OFFSET AND DIGITAL PRINTS – With the JETVARNISH 3DS your customer can spot varnish on toner or offset prints with and without lamination. That makes the workflows of your customer so much more flexible and easier.